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Manual submission and keyword stuffing tactics were enough to get good ranking...
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When search marketing began, Manual submission and keyword stuffing tactics were enough to get good ranking on Search Engine Results Page. Previously to won the race in the SEO, backlinks played huge role and for this various tactics had been used like automated blog comment, link building with anchor text, directory submission, etc.

PPC - Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it is a part of internet marketing in which advertisers need to pay a fee (based on bid, quality score, ad rank etc) each time when one of their ads is clicked by any user. In simple manner it is a way of buying visits to your site, rather than organically.


Content marketing is a marketing technique which involves creation and sharing of media and publishing content in respect to drag attention of customers and retaining them. This can be presented in any formats like news, video, white papers, info graphics, case studies, e-books, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc.


Today, people spend lots of their time on different social media platforms and targeting your potential customers there is the best way to maximize your revenue and sale. Social Media plays really important role in this competitive world for build up brand awareness in Global Market with short time span.


Those days are Gone when people placing their advertisement on T.V and diner placemat where they have no control on who will see their advertisement. Now for advertisement Email Marketing has been use, where you have full control that exactly who sees an email.